My Property Helper

Our helpers only operate with a small group of clients ensuring the relationship with our client on a personal level.

We are aware of your property requirements and purposes for your move. Whether it is for schools, size, location, amenities or investment, we will work with you and our contacts closely to find that perfect property.

Using My Property Helper will help to avoid the bidding wars and reduce the competition when buying or renting a property.

With demand exceeding the availability of property, buyers are now facing enormous challenges securing their future home or investment. With our processes and key contacts in place, clients of My Property Helper will work towards getting you in the door first!

Being a single point of contact when purchasing a property allows you to be more at ease with the buying process.

Without using My Property Helper, how many agents would you need to call to arrange an appointment? How many times would you have to chase your solicitor for an update? How many times would you contact your mortgage broker to follow up your survey and mortgage offer? At My Property Helper, we will take all of this pressure away from you by becoming your point of contact.

We bring the fun factor back in to buying! We appreciate and understand the level of stress that comes with buying a property.

Lack of viewings and declined offers often brings frustration and emotion to your lifestyle should things not be going your way. Our clients use My Property Helper because they know by using our services, they can enjoy the renting or buying process and have a stress free experience.

Do you want to save money?

As property experts and negotiators we want you to have secured your property or rental knowing the value we added to your experience. Our contacts, bespoke service and attitude to succeed is designed with one thing in mind; to save you money. Why pay more if we can secure the property for less? How much money would you need to go to above the asking price to secure your perfect property if it went to an Open Home – 10-15%? On a £500,000, we could save you huge money. Not only do we intend on negotiating you the right purchase price, but we also work towards saving you money on solicitors, mortgages and any other service you require.

We are a personal and friendly group who will dedicate the amount of time necessary in helping you find that ideal property. In a sellers market, finding “The Perfect Home or investment” can be challenging as your facing such intense competition from the general public.

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